That lady said my kids were wild and unruly!

I love that when the memory of other’s words are painful it can be for two clear, simple reasons – oh, how this speaks to my condition! I’d love to say I’ve found my own way of dealing with all those unpleasant encounters with the judgey-pants-wearing Ladies of a Certain Age who seem to take particular delight in mean-spirited interjections. I’m working on it still, and will keep Joanna’s thoughts in mind for the future!

This is what happened. I took my boys (4yo and 1yo) to the supermarket – very brave, I know. You already know how I feel about the supermarket, and our food/shopping ethics … And yet today I felt drawn there as an adventure. 4yo was superb, sitting in the trolley the whole time, rarely saying a word. 1yo was on foot, trotting backwards and forwards pointing his quirky little 1-finger point, waving, talking and charming. I grabbed them hot chicken winglets on the way in, dissapointed when I opened the box to find bright orange crumbed nuggets. Colours, additives, a big experience for any 1yo. Anyway he ate them up and got more and more excited and enthusiastic about running away from me.

I soon had a trolley full of nappy boxes, tinned tomatoes, pasta and frozen seafood, and both boys were out on floor to walk. Payment done, supermarket…

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One thought on “That lady said my kids were wild and unruly!

  1. Thank you for relating to my post and commenting – this kind of small incident must affect so many new mums … in a small way at first, but then after time, in a bigger and bigger way … your feedback is positive and heartening. xx

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