Winter wanders


We’ve just got back from our first proper winter walk, with icy puddles to creak, slippery slidey patches to test our bravery on, and a world made exciting and new by the cold. Our nearby watercourses are flowing again after a week of stormy rains, and they abound with energy even when the trees and bushes on their banks are frozen and quiet. I love this time of year -can you tell? There’s a chance for rest and renewal in the dark and the cold; with no need to grow, we can strengthen and root ourselves. What’s your favourite thing about winter?

2 thoughts on “Winter wanders

  1. Hello there, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, esp the one below about laundry; quite seriously I believe my laundry basket is the modern day equivalent of the Magic Porridge Pot (i have 3 sons!)… So anyway I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster Award; sorry there are too many details to post here, so I’ve created a page for it on my blog which is: Hope you like it! Take care for now x

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