Climbing Mount Laundry

Evidently moved by my attempts this weekend to scale our laundry mountain, the girls decided to use the box from which I cut the wreath backing earlier in the week as a washing machine for socks.


With the addition of two buttons it was fully functional! I was asked for a washing line, and thanks to the clearout of toys I did last month I found the line and pegs easily in their baskets.


I don’t know if it’s just wishful thinking, but it seems to me that after the clearout- two bags of garish, plastic and/or battery powered toys went to the fantastic Barnados children’s shop – my girls have played more deeply and more authentically, using imagination and creativity to bridge worlds, transform the everyday and play richly.  I can only hope that today’s enthusiasm for washing and ironing bespeaks a time when I won’t be climbing the sock mountain alone.

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One thought on “Climbing Mount Laundry

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